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Canyon Tuna Fishing | Chunking 101
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Written by Ken Hager   
Monday, 15 September 2008 01:50
The Timing

OK, so you’ve heard people talking about chunking for tuna, or we were on the chunk and caught 6 yellow fins… but what exactly do they mean by this and how do you go about it? Chunking simply put is cutting up bait fish and throwing it overboard with the hopes of attracting tuna. There is nothing mysterious and it’s pretty simple once you learn some of the basics. Hopefully this article will give you a beginner’s understanding of some of the chunking techniques to make your nest trip more successful.

Tuna on the DockFirst thing you need to know, when is it worth my while to go out and invest the time in an overnight chunking trip? Is one time of the year better than another? The answer is a solid -it depends. Typically the best time for chunking for tuna is late August to mid October. Some won’t even start until Labor Day or thereabouts. If you can only get out once for the season then this is the timing I would suggest. This will give you the best odds for having a productive trip. I said earlier that it depends and the reason for that is each season is different than the prior ones. Sometimes the chunking will start to payoff in the first or second week of August and other seasons it will be later. You need to develop some “ears” out there as to what others are experiencing in order to make a decision.

Fluke-a-Thon 2: The Sequel
Fishing News
Written by Bob Maehrlein   
Sunday, 31 August 2008 11:33
Eight teams took off from their respective ports along the Jersey shore Saturday in hopes of winning Fluke-a-Thon 2 and the $400 first prize. Also at stake were cash awards for second and third, as well as a $400 largest fish Calcutta.

This was a follow up event to the first Fluke-a-Thon which was held back in mid-July. Although that one was billed as the 1st annual Fluke-a-Thon, the members and friends of New Jersey Saltwater Fisherman (NJSWF.com) just couldn't wait a whole year to have another one. And so, Fluke-a-Thon 2 was born. As Sam3, Global Moderator of NJSWF.com commented, the Fluke-a-Thon was "back by popular demand!"

Great start for Team Brickken!

Early weather reports suggested that the tournament might have to be postponed or canceled. But as tournament day grew nearer, the weather forecast improved greatly. And early Saturday morning Administrator and founder of NJSWF.com, Rod Houck (Hotrod), gave the all clear. Many of the boats in the northern part of the state took off in some nasty weather, including last month's Fluke-a-Thon champions, Team TNT who were fishing out of Atlantic Highlands. Team TNT captain, The Broken One, said, "Well, left the ramp around 6 in a blinding / driving rain.... turned on the XM Nexrad and actually looked rain free and fine for our destination.... set coarse(sp)and got there in beautiful conditions. Weatherman actually blew it again as the predicted S wind was SW, then straight north. Got rid of the slicks as it heated up quick and turned real nice."

That was fortunate for them since much of the pre-tourney talk was centered on who could actually beat Team TNT. They certainly had a bulls eye on their backs throughout the day.
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