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A Speck in the Sea
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Written by PAUL TOUGH Ny Times   
Thursday, 02 January 2014 22:44

A Speck in the Sea

John Aldridge fell overboard in the middle of the night, 40 miles from shore, and the Coast Guard was looking in the wrong place. How did he survive?

John Aldridge on the deck of the Anna Mary.

Looking back, John Aldridge knew it was a stupid move. When you’re alone on the deck of a lobster boat in the middle of the night, 40 miles off the tip of Long Island, you don’t take chances. But he had work to do: He needed to start pumping water into the Anna Mary’s holding tanks to chill, so that when he and his partner, Anthony Sosinski, reached their first string of traps a few miles farther south, the water would be cold enough to keep the lobsters alive for the return trip. In order to get to the tanks, he had to open a metal hatch on the deck. And the hatch was covered by two 35-gallon Coleman coolers, giant plastic insulated ice chests that he and Sosinski filled before leaving the dock in Montauk harbor seven hours earlier. The coolers, full, weighed about 200 pounds, and the only way for Aldridge to move them alone was to snag a box hook onto the plastic handle of the bottom one, brace his legs, lean back and pull with all his might......And then the handle snapped........
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Dave Henn 23.3lbs Tog
Great Catches
Written by Captain Adam Crouthamel   
Monday, 16 December 2013 18:46

Caught Aboard The Adam Bomb With Captain Adam Crouthamel

Capt. Adam's Report

Congratulations to Dave Henn on a NEAR world record tog that tipped the scale at Harbor View to 23.3lbs on their certified scale. Dave is a well seasoned togger, has put a lot of time into searching for a fish of this size, and was rewarded handsomely today with the tog of a lifetime! This fish ties the record on the Bomb for largest tog as it was exactly the same size and length as one taken in January of '08 by Scott Cowan.

This was Dave's 2nd or 3rd fish of the day. I was standing right next to him when he set the hook on it, and he immediately yelled "HERE HE IS!!!" I knew that meant it was a real good one. He battled it for a few long minutes. I walked over to get the net and then I heard him yell "LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THIS F^#*##$ING TOG!" I was ran over with the net and saw the fish briefly before it gave a few giant tail beats and ripped off some LOCKED DOWN drag. Back to the boat, in the net, and over the rail it came and the hooting, hollering, and congratulating followed as we knew it was a big fish. It measured out at 33" and I had a feeling it was over 20 pounds, but I told Dave it was probably 19.5lbs!  We finished out the day, boxing about 30 tog and had many beautiful quality 6 to 8 pounders which somehow seemed to be taken for granted after seeing such a giant fish early in the trip.

That fish is on his way to the taxidermy man and is going to look good in Dave's man cave.

What a fish Dave! You really deserve and did a hell of a job on the FISH OF A LIFETIME! Congratulations! He is going to look good on your wall. I should also mention that the fish was caught on a custom E-glass blank built by Dave's buddy Matt Moran! Sick rod and did a hell of a job on a bruiser tog!

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