NJ Surf Fishing - Heating Up
Written by Paul Danielczyk   
Saturday, 14 May 2011 14:00

{jcomments off}NJ Surf Fishing Is Heat Up.

NJ beaches are starting to heat up both temperature and fish catching wise.  No matter where you go during some part of the day the surf will be giving up some of its bounty.  Earlier this week the catch was on fire up north around Asbury Park to Spring Lake, while later in the week almost all of the action was in the Seaside Park to the Barnegat Inlet with the center of the action   from A17 to the inlet.


Rich Belli with a nice 36-lb 10-oz Striper caught off IBSP May 13, 2011

Rich Belli with a nice 36-lb 10-oz Striper caught off IBSP May 13, 2011


The bait of choice was mostly clams when you can get them as some shops were having trouble getting them.  But today it seems that all the shops are stocked and ready to go for the weekend.  Just make sure that all the bait you buy is fresh if not my suggestion would be to stick with salted clams, they do work better than dead ones.

There is one slight problem right now and that is with the weeds.  They can be a menace if you like to dead stick. My suggestion is to check your bait often and clean off the weeds.  If the bait needs to be replaced change it as well.  I have noticed that using a slight amount of elastic string and a bit more bait ups your catch rate as well.  Yeah I know the bait goes faster but your catch rate will also increase.

If you are just out there to catch whatever give the inlets a try and my choice of bait there would be the white bucktail tipped with Finn-S 5? in pink or some sort of curly tail in pink or red, plus I was told that by using pork rind in red & white works just as good and you will get a better fish to bait ratio. Time will tell.

Reports from the south:........

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Scotts B&T is reporting that Graveling Point is still producing and the Mystic side of the bay produced a fluke in the 21? range by the clam steakes close to the fish factory.  If you want to try your luck for bass they are in and around the Grassy Channel.

If you are lucky enough to have a boat or kayak and can get to the Tuckerton Bay area the water temps there are up and the bite has been much better.

Fisherman Headquarters reports that the mid-island bite is the best with stripers in the 27 to 37# and just about all have been caught on clams.  While out back in the bay again mid island a nice 20 to 25 Black Drum was caught and by the sound if it they are still hanging around a bit longer.  Again the Drum was caught on a clam.

Central N.J.

Grumpy?s is reporting a number of Striped Bass and tons of blues being caught up and down the beaches here from Lavallette to Barnegat Inlet.  The bait if choice is still the clam but bunker chunks are doing the trick for the bass.  There have been a lot of bait moving up and down the coast with everything from sea lions to whales feasting on the bounty out there.  The problem is that most of the schools are way to far to cast to.

Betty & Nicks is reporting just about the same and recommends you try to use different baits till you find one that works this weekend.  The NE wind is changing and the rough seas are subsiding but the clam beds just off shore took a pretty good hit so start with them.  All the stores on the island are fully stocked and ready for you this weekend.

Murphy?s Hook House reports that the bay by the mouth of the Toms River and all around the bridges is just loaded with bass and blues.  Most are being caught on top water plugs so give it a try is you can.  Stop in and talk to Dennis and the guys.

Up North:

Places like Crabby?s In Keyport are reporting great fishing and ifyou are thinking of getting out to many of the Raritan Bays fishing spots to do it early.  It seems that the dawn time is still the best time to grab a striper of the many piers up there.  Just like all the rest your best bait is the clam.

So that is just a small snap shot of what will be in store for your weekend fishing.  Not to shabby if you ask me.  Get out there and enjoy.  The weather man like usual has no clue as to what it expect so the heck with him.

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