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2013 NJ Summer Flounder Regulations
Written by John Oswald APP   
Monday, 11 March 2013 05:30

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Summer FlounderThe New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council voted unanimously on Thursday to approve a 122-day summer flounder season that will run from May 18 to Sept. 16 with a 171/2-inch fish and a five-fish bag limit for the 2013 season. The Council approved Option No. 2 from a possible choice of six options available. That option was the preferred choice of most fishing groups going into the meeting.

“It’s fair for the state,” said Greg Hueth of the Save the Summer Flounder Fishery Fund. Hueth said the regulations give the southern part of the state, where the fluking is good earlier in the year, a chance for a good season while providing northern New Jersey part of a September season, when the fishing usually improves.

Several of the options included a longer season, a bag limit of eight fish and an increase in size to 18 inches. However, concerns over quota overages associated with those regulations led to a decision erring on the side of caution.   Source. App.com


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